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Are bed bugs giving you sleepless nights? Is your cozy bed no more your favourite spot? No need to worry anymore, SES Pest Control Fremantle provides tailored bed bug treatment that helps you eliminate bed bugs from where they breed and live on your premises. Promptness and effectiveness is a specialty of our company and performing all the duties with the minimum disruption. Our exterminators are highly trained in identifying and treating the whole infected area. Our professionals know how to determine the intensity of the situation and offer a fast and effective solution. We prefer steam treatment or freeze treatment, and both bed bug control treatments are non-toxic and reliable. Contact us at 08 6109 8196 now and get rid of this problem today.

bed bug control fremantle

One Professional For Both Bed Bug Inspection And Treatment

If you have bed bugs infestation, then the only thing that must be running into your mind must be how to get rid of bed bugs? Our crew conducts an extensive inspection of the whole infected premises including beds, linens and furniture. Experts then remove the visible bed bugs and then treat the infested area to eradicate any hidden bed bugs and their eggs.

There are generally two types of treatments that we follow:

  1. Bed Bug Heat Treatment– Bed bugs cannot survive in hot water. So our professionals will treat the infested area using hot water and steaming methods to eliminate the bed bugs from the mattress, curtains, stuffed toys or any infected areas.
  2. Bed Bug Freeze Treatment– If bed bugs are exposed to cold water for very long their chances of survival is down to zero. Our specialists using industrial tools set the infected area at freezing temperature for some time which kills the bed bugs.

We are 365 days available for your assistance. Schedule your appointment online or call us now.

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Bed Bug Control Fremantle
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How long will it take you to come to my home in Fremantle for a bed bug inspection?

Our team of local experts is always available. They will reach out to you as quickly as possible to deliver a hassle-free bed bug inspection service.

Are your bed bug treatments safe for my bed and other furniture?

Yes, we make use of the safest solution to get rid of bed bugs. Our methods are specially designed to kill bed bugs and it doesn’t harm the furniture in any way.

What if I see a sign of a bed bug after the treatment?

We have a specialist team to do this job. They make sure all the bed bugs are removed. You can completely rely on us and we ensure to give the best result.