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If you face problems with moths, but in a small amount, then there is no need because it’s common to see some insects sometimes inside the home. Still, if you face this problem with a significant number of moths and see moths like cabbage moths and white cabbage moths, you should take help from a professional moth control company like SES Pest Control Fremantle. The best thing about us is that we work at reasonable prices and are very pocket-friendly for our Moth Control Fremantle customers.

Moreover, we believe that the first impression is the last and if the customer is satisfied with us for the first time, he will come back to us whenever he needs our services. Customer happiness and satisfaction are on top of our list.

Know About Moths And Why They Are Not Good Around You

Have you ever seen a moth insect? Those who have seen it know that it is very similar to a butterfly. Have you seen a white moth in the garden? Moths generally live in gardens inside grasses and dark areas, away from sunlight because they don’t like sunlight. 

The moth is an insect that likes to live in the dark in homes. If you have put any heavy object in the dark for a long time, you know that some insects will be there inside, under, or behind that heavy object. One of them is also a moth. Moths generally can be found under the sink in the kitchen, basement, garage, and all other dark areas of the home.

There are many vital points which you should study. But discussing all of them is not possible. Let’s study a few of them.

  • Prevent skin allergies

Moths between humans can cause skin allergies and even respiratory problems in humans. Giant moths, for example, a white moth in the garden, are known to cause skin rashes. Some people are allergic to moth allergens, which can result in fatal allergic reactions. Moths have been linked to allergic reactions in up to 2-4% of the population.

  • To save furniture

For saving wooden furniture, carpets, and clothes, and costs of repairs and replacements, moth pest control should be used. Moths can cause damage to wooden furniture and fabrics. Carpet moths are attracted to and feed on textiles.

  • Stress-free living 

A moth-free home is a happy home. Even the slightest sign of moths can cause a significant headache. Our most basic moth control plan includes bi-monthly inspections year-round and inside and outside treatments to eliminate all moths. 

  • Please don’t believe in doing it yourself every time.

Many self-dependent people believe that do-it-yourself ways are effective, but they depend on luck if you don’t know that work. Most shop-bought and homemade remedies will only work from outside. Most of the time, the source of your infestation is concealed. That is why you should always take help from experts. 

Tricks And Tips You Can Follow To Prevent Moth Infestation

  • Minimize trees

Trim any tree branches or shrubbery that come into contact with your home. This aids in the elimination of “bridges” that moths can use to access your home quickly and gain entry. 

  • Don’t keep doors and windows open.

Moths can enter through tiny cracks and gaps, so immediately repair any warped or broken doors and windows. As well as those that don’t fit well, repair them also. Repair all damaged areas in the screens as soon as possible.

  • Use correct LEDs

Change your old mercury vapour lights with high-pressure sodium vapour lights to reduce flying insects around doors and windows. Fewer insects are attracted to bulbs having pink, yellow, or orange tints.

Moth Control Services Offered At SES Pest Control  Fremantle – 

We give the best Moth Control Fremantle services at reasonable prices. Some of them are-

  • Residential moth control

We can serve our services to your location without any doubt. Just give a phone call, and we will immediately reach you and start the service. You can call our team for Moth Control Fremantle for end of lease pest control as well.

  • Commercial moth control

We are a commercial moth control company in Fremantle. We keep our customer’s happiness on top. Hire us for pest control carpet moths and moth control in shops and malls facilities.

  • Pre-purchase moth inspection

We have a facility for pre-purchase moth Inspection. Choose us because we are the best moth control company for best results. Our team will inspect the given area and inform you about the condition of the place. 

  • Emergency moth control

Pest control services are immediate and urgent services. So we provide emergency moth Control services to our customers. You can call us any day to get the best help from our team in Fremantle. 

  • Same day moth control/removal

As you call us on 08 6109 8196 and confirm your bookings for the Moth Control Fremantle services, we will reach your home with all the necessary items required for the process. Then, we will plan the things to get you a moth free environment. 

Signs Of Moth Infestation

Of course, no problem is small. If you see a couple of insects sometimes, there is no need to worry, but if there are a lot of insects, you should call for help.

There are a lot of signs that indicate moth infestation. Some find holes in clothing, shedding from moths, small tubes stuck to fabrics, Crust deposited on rug and clothing, and dead moths.

Why Choose Us For Moth Control Fremantle Services?

Don’t worry about your location in Fremantle if you require moth control services. We serve our services in Fremantle and nearby locations also. You and we both will be lucky if we work together. Call us for the best carpet moth extermination and winter moth control services. Here are more reasons for hiring us:

  • Eco-friendly

We always use eco-friendly chemicals and methods for our customers. We take care of our mother earth also.

  • Professional

We have professionals in our team. You should check about them on our records.

  • Best

No doubt, we are the best moth control company in Fremantle. Our services are better than other companies. You can compare both.

  • Popular

Not only the affordable and best company, but we are also very popular in Fremantle. The list of our happy clients is very long.

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Do we serve outside Fremantle also?

Yes, as we told you, we serve outside Fremantle also. You can book us from anywhere in Fremantle. 

Can we hire you without advance? 

Yes, we do not take any advance amount. We will discuss the amount to be paid in the beginning and we will give you the final amount at the end. So you can hire our team without any advance. 

Do you give training to your staff? 

Yes, we train them with the new methods, technologies and new trends in the pest control industry. Also, we have only certified and licensed pest controllers in our team. 

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